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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I believe!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates

Over the past couple days. I've been playing Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat.

Good god both of those games are fucking good. I started Portal 2 at about 8:45 on Thursday evening and I beat it at about 3 today. So less than 48 hours. I'm a bit good at Portal, if I do say so myself. It's one of the best games I've ever played. It truly truly is.

Mortal Kombat is also an extremely good game. Unfortunately I suck donkey dick at fighting games, so I'm pacing myself and trying to learn as I go.

Also, if anyone reading this has or is going to get Mortal Kombat, there's a special surprise that randomly appears to you when you're in the Krypt. You'll know what I'm talking about when it happens.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How small is the freakin world?!

I'm gonna break rank a bit here and actually talk about something going on in my pseudo-personal life. 

I attempted friendship again last August with my cuntbag of an ex Destiny. Needless to say it didn't work out, but the details of that don't matter. 

At Ole Miss Destiny was randomly roomed with a girl name Moira. I hung out with Moira several times. I thought she was really cool. 

Unfortunately Destiny was one of those girls who says all other girls are bitches and only hangs out with guys. Yeah, because every girl you know hates you, THEY'RE all bitches. It seems there's a common denominator there. But I digress.

Moira ended up moving to another room in like October or November. Something like that. 

So it's been like six months since I've seen or talked to her. 

Fast forward to yesterday.

Talking to my friend Andy. Andy lives in Charleston, about 45 minutes away from Oxford, where Ole Miss is located. He very rarely visits campus. He's telling me he's talking to this awesome girl. She's like a female version of him. She's awesome. 

They start dating today. 

I go to Andy's Facebook to see who this person is. 

You can probably guess who it was. 

Yep. Moira. 

Folks, I shit so many bricks I could build a schoolhouse for African orphans. 

I mean, here's this person that I knew months ago. And it's 100% random that I knew her. Because she could've just as easily been assigned to another roommate. 

So yeah. I seriously cannot believe this. I mean, what are the fucking odds?

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a pretty big gamer

I've been gaming my entire life. I'd go so far as to say I'm a "core" gamer. And as such I have to make a declaration:

I fucking hate the Call of Duty franchise.

And I have specific reasons for hating it.

One of the reasons is because, since the release of the first Modern Warfare, they've just released the same fucking game over and over and over again. Now don't get me wrong. The first Modern Warfare game was a landmark game and it was really really good.

But, I'm sorry, I can't tell the difference between it and its sequels. They release the same game every year with a new coat of paint and people gobble it up.

It's helping destroy the first person shooter genre. There used to be a time where FPSes were unique. Now 85% of shooters that are released are just bad Call of Duty clones. That's why I play Halo. Have there been some Halo clones? Yes. But you can at least tell Halo apart from its clones. And there aren't anywhere near as many Halo clones.

Call of Duty's multiplayer blows.

Let's ignore the fact that every game's multiplayer is fucking ridiculously broken for the first 72 hours of its release.

It's the most unbalanced multiplayer I've ever seen. That's another reason why I play Halo. Because everyone starts off on a level playing field. If you wanna get the best weapon, you damn well better beat the other mother fucker to it. I don't wanna get killed by a dude with the one weapon perfectly designed to kill me because this asshole has less of a life than I do and jacks off to Call of Duty's multiplayer constantly.

Not only that, but Call of Duty's multiplayer takes zero skill.

85% of kills in Call of Duty online are lucky. Because it takes two or three fucking shots to the body to kill someone. It's a game of who sees who first. That's all it is. Sheer fucking luck. To compare it again to Halo. When you take a shot at someone on Halo you have to be convinced that you are GOING to take this person down. Because if you don't they still have a chance to fight back.

I can't wait for Battlefield 3 this year. Because that game is gonna blow Call of Duty out of the water. It'll show those fuckers at Infinity Ward, the three or four that are left, how to REALLY make a shooter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Okay, seriously

I'm about five minutes away from starting The Church of Grohl.

I mean, any man who does stuff this epic needs people to worship him.

I would say the only thing more epic than what Grohl does on a daily basis would be Jesus coming down with an SG shredding Foo Fighters songs, then I remembered that Jesus would ask Grohl's permission first.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stupid copyrights

I figure since this blog has me making movies in its title, I should talk about making my movie some more. 

Well, I really really want this song in my movie. The song is all about death and love and heartbreak, which is exactly what my movie is about. Trust me, the song is 110% perfect for the movie. Preferably over the credits. But unfortunately, it's not really that easy. 

If I was just making it for shits and giggles and for my own personal use I could put the song on there as much as I wanted. But unfortunately, this movie is gonna be put in film festivals. And gonna be shown to all the people you're supposed to show stuff like that too. So there's a possibility we can make money off of the movie. 

And you can't just stick whatever songs you want in movies like that. I'm gonna do my best to be able to use it, but I'm not holding my breath. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie movie movie

So I guess I should tell you the story of this movie I'm currently working on.

About a year ago I got this idea for something to write. I decided to write it into a screenplay. Mainly because I'd never written a screenplay before and I wanted to try it out.

The more I wrote it the more I enjoyed it. The more I envisioned me making a movie. The more I liked that idea.

Fast forward several months. I was at Best Buy talking to one of the guys working there. He's a filmmaker. He said he was looking for a writer and he gave me his card. I started work on my script again.

I finished it and let my friends and family read it. But I was nervous. It took a few months before I actually summed up the courage to email him.

I emailed him my script pretty much saying that if he liked it I'd like to work with him in the future. He sent me his phone number and told me to call him.

I called him up and he told me he loved my script. And that he wants to make it. He wants to work with me and he was impressed with me as a writer.

So right now we're casting for this short film that he and I are gonna direct. We're gonna make it on pretty much a $0 budget.

So yeah, it's kinda exciting.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh man. Wasting Light

I've been listening to this new Foo Fighters album almost all day. Where do I start on how fucking great this album is?

I guess I should start at the beginning.

Here's the opening 30 seconds of Bridge Burning which is the first 30 seconds of the album. If that doesn't blow you away you need to re-evaluate yourself.

From there it goes to Rope which is classic Foo. In the vain of Learn to Fly or Breakout. Dear Rosemary is an outstanding song featuring Bob Mould on vocals.

White Limo is unlike anything the Foo Fighters have ever recorded. It's damn near metal and the video has Lemmy in it which is always great.

Arlandria is probably the best song on the album. Words cannot describe how good it is. You just have to listen to it.

These Days is a powerful current events ballad.

One of the biggest songs on the album is I Should Have Known. It's the reunion of The Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Which is a long time coming. 

This album proves to me that rock n roll is still alive and kicking and no amount of shitty pop music will ever kill it. 


Aahhh Rebecca Black

As all of us I'm sure have seen, Rebecca Black is the new web sensation. Her video for Friday has exploded across our internet and now everyone is either playing along and enjoying the fun or losing their ever loving minds. 

I've seen people who have called Rebecca Black the end of music. That she's going to join up with Justin Beiber and just completely ruin all music forever and ever. 

Let's all calm down a minute and take a step back. You see, I've actually done some research on Rebecca Black and this video and it's information I believe most everyone who's going crazy needs to hear. 

The song and video are the products of Ark Music Factory. There's several other god awful songs and videos that have come out of Ark that people have discovered since Ms. Black hit it big. 

Ark Music Factory isn't a record company. You go there with your kid, you pay $2,000 and they get to professionally record one of the pre-written songs and make a professional music video. 

What 13 year old girl wouldn't wanna do that? Think back to when you were her age. Doesn't that seem really cool? 

Back in the 80s you could go to the mall, record a song, and make a video of it in front of a green screen. People weren't calling that the end of music then. You know why? Because the videos weren't widely seen. The tapes would end up collecting dust. 

Now, we have YouTube. Now they can take those videos and put them up and show them to all their friends and family. 

I mean, the girl's parents probably did it for her birthday or something like that. Cause that's a pretty freakin cool present. 

Try and imagine how happy she was after she got done with the song and video. When she saw the finished product. She probably thought it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. Her friends and family were probably extremely happy for her. And now look at what's happening.

She's the butt of almost every joke on the internet. Do I think the song is terrible? Yes. But you're not gonna find me insulting the poor girl. 

It's not like she's gonna release an album. She's not a real singer. She's just a 13 year old girl. 

What, exactly, is so wrong with what she did to make people lose their mind and act like she is the harbinger of destruction to our world? 


 I go to Ole Miss, which is, unfortunately, known as one of the top party schools in the nation. As such there's plenty of alcohol flowing freely around. 

I'm not a partier. At all. I don't like it, it's not my thing, it's something that I, in no way, shape, form, or fashion enjoy. 

i was having an argument with a friend over whether or not drunk consent in consent. Over the argument of if a girl, who is drunk, has consensual sex with a guy, is the guy at fault. Cause there are girls who will have drunk consensual sex with a guy, then when they sober up realize they didn't wanna, and say that the guy took advantage of her because she's drunk and even though she said yes, he should know better. 

Here's my thing: If I go out and take some PCP and kill six people, I'm responsible for those actions. If you go out and get drunk you're responsible for every single thing you do while drunk. 

I have zero sympathy for people who do stupid shit while drunk. You drunkenly stumble around and crack your head open on a sidewalk; no sympathy. You get behind the wheel of your car and throw yourself through your windshield; extra no sympathy. 

The last guy to die on Ole Miss's campus was a dude at a frat party. He was drunk and throwing a Frisbee around. It went up in a tree and he went to get it, fell out, and landed on his head. Do I feel sorry for his friends and family? Of course. But I have zero sympathy for him.

Because no one forces the alcohol into you. We're starting to teach that you aren't responsible for your own actions. Like when someone calls alcoholism a disease. It's not a disease. It's an addiction. People don't call meth addiction a disease. And I have zero sympathy for anyone suffering from it because they brought it on themselves. 

As I've stated before, I don't drink. Because I don't want to. It holds zero appeal to me. 

And I don't look down on people who do drink. People who are responsible about it and over 21. Makes me wanna kick a baby when I see 16 and 17 year olds bragging about going out and getting shitfaced and partying. That just brings me back to my little bit about maturity. 

Is it possible to get drunk and have a good time without being fucking stupid? Yes.

But unfortunately a great number of the people who do drink are irresponsible kids who don't know what they're doing and end up getting hurt or, even worse, hurting people around them. 

So if you're an adult reading this who is of age and drinks responsibly, I commend you. You're doing it right. 

But that's just my opinion. 

I Get Annoyed

When I see people around my age that, when you mention the news to them, reply in the following manner:

"Psh! I don't watch the news. It's all bullshit. Someone's got robbed, and someone's got killed, and there's war, and who cares? I don't feel like being depressed every night. Everyone on the news and shit like that are all bullshit. And every politician ever is a corrupt dickhole."

That annoys me. I can understand not watching the local news. I live outside Memphis. Our local news is some random crime and the fact that the school system sucks. But at least watch the national news. People need to know what's going on in the world. Pick up a paper. It won't kill you. When I mention Libya to someone and they just stare at me with their mouth hanging open I want to punch them. 

This may go back to the whole "maturity" thing. Cause once you hit a certain point of maturity you realize that there's a whole other world outside of yours and and there's shit going on elsewhere that's a WHOLE lot more important. 

It seems to be an anomaly of my generation. Cause years ago people our age cared. Look at the hippie and counter-culture movement. They were against "mainstream" culture but they still gave a shit about what was going on in the world around them. 

So watch the news. Or go on CNN.com. Or pick up a paper. Don't shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Cause you're doing nothing but making yourself dumber if you don't. 

Hell, watch the Daily Show. That's a news show. One of the best that comes on. 


I'm a very logical person. 

Unfortunately, that doesn't tend to work that well. Especially in relationships. I'm sure some of you guys reading this can feel me on this one. 

Everything has a reason Everything has an explanation. If someone's mad at me there is a reason why they're mad and there is something I can do to make it better. There has to be. Cause that's the how the world works. 

Logic will get you into more trouble than just about anything else. Trying to figure people out is a fun pastime but not always the best idea. 

During high school that's what I did. I would observe. Whether it be in band or different classes or lunch. I'd pick out people and observe them. Watch them. Talk to them. Figure them out inside and out. I never used it for anything bad. I used it to help a lot of my friends. 

I had many people that would come to me for advice and I'd be more than happy to help them because I could be impartial. Something that you don't see enough with people. 

But more importantly than figuring out your friends is figuring out people who you think may hurt you. 

I had an ex come back into my life about six months ago. Wanted to make amends for what happened between us. Not going into detail, but it wasn't pretty. 

I knew that it wouldn't work. Our personalities don't work together. It's just how we are. But I figured I'd give it a shot. I wanted to know if she'd changed or if she was the same selfish, hypocritical person that I dated. 

So I tested her. Came to her for help. Said I was depressed, that I needed her to be there for me, saying she knew me better than anyone else and only she could help me. Was all of that strictly true? Not really. But I was doing it for me, not something that I often do. I had to know for my sake if it was worth the time and effort of attempting to be her friend. 

Short answer: no, not at all. 

It culminated with her saying that she shouldn't have to apologize for what happened between us because she didn't do anything wrong. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. That was the last time we spoke. 

I had to use logic to figure her out. To see if I was gonna end up getting hurt. No matter how much you encounter people who couldn't give a shit about logic, it's important. It's one of the most important things to focus on. Because when we dated I didn't use logic when I should have. And if I did I would've avoided a very bad time in my life. 

So, my friends, use your logic. Make everything make sense. And if you're around people who refuse your logic maybe you need to reevaluate who you surround yourself with. 


It's astounding the effect people can have on you over the course of your life. (I'm assuming i'm using the right effect/affect here. If not, oh well.)

I have people who I can't help but grin when i think about them. My best friends. People who are so undeniably awesome that every single memory I have of them is overwhelmingly positive. 

But no matter how happy I get thinking about them, if I think about the wrong person it all gets shot to hell. 

That's amazing, isn't it? How just thinking about someone can completely ruin your day. I've had to hide people's status updates and stuff like that from my news feed on Facebook because seeing those people reminded me of the person that I don't wanna think about. 

I say again, I'm not gonna go into any personal detail here because I try and keep this stuff accessible for everyone, but just trust me when I say there's people who I never ever wanna think about. 

It's enough to make you wish that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was real. That I could go in and just erase some memories. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look on Facebook and I see that that person has commented on something and all of a sudden I get that terrible feeling in my stomach and for the rest of the day all I can think about are the terrible memories that I have. 

We have those friends we can turn to when that happens. The people who will tell you all the things that you need and want to hear. And words cannot describe how much I appreciate those people. Because without them I dunno where I'd be. 

So I implore you guys who have yet to have an experience like the one that I'm talking about, don't let a person ruin your life. Don't let a person effect you like I have. No one is worth that. 

This has been a bit rambling, I know. My mind's been all over the place writing this. But you get the gist of what I'm saying. 

One day I won't get stressed and sad when I see that person. One day we'll all have the happiness that we all deserve. But until then we have to rely on each other to keep ourselves going. 

I used to be called Dr. Phil because a lot of my friends would come to me for advice and I would give it to them as impartially and honestly as I could. And when it all looked at its worst I could make sure to tell them that one day, all will work out and all will be well. 

And that's something none of us can afford to forget. 


I'm a good bit more mature than people who don't know me extremely well believe. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not 100% perfectly mature and sensible all the time. I'm a big believer that there's nothing wrong with hanging out with your buddies acting stupid. It's a great way to blow off steam. 

But for the most part, I'm very mature for my age. 

I skipped over many phases guys my age go through. I was never rebellious. I never thought I was smarter than my parents. I never let my penis do my thinking for me. Never wanted to fuck everything in the room. Never wanted to go out and party. Never drank. Never had that sudden burst of independence that a lot of people have. 

I like to say that I went from 16 to 47. I skipped all the years in between. I mean, even my music tastes reflect that. 

My big year was my junior year in high school. I grew up so much that year and became the person that I am today. I know I've got some younger people that read my stuff and if you don't yet know what I'm talking about you will soon. 

I was very immature up until then. When I think about myself before my junior year I wanna kick my ass. That's the year I learned how to be funny without being an idiot. I learned how to make fun of myself before anyone could make fun of me. I grew up immensely and I look back on that year with more fondness than all others. 

I dunno why but I've been quite insightful lately. Jotting down ideas of various things to write about. And this keeps jumping out at me. 

I'm still continually maturing. I've noticed lately that I've pretty much completely stopped saying stuff like "that's so gay". No real reason. I've just stopped saying it. And I think that's just me maturing even more. 

I'm at a pretty big age and while I'm still pretty young I continually reflect on my life. I'm not gonna get too personal here because you guys don't read for me to go on and on about my personal life. (Not that there's anything wrong with writing journals about that.) 

But of all the regrets that I have, the things I look back on and cringe when I think about. The things I hate to think about, I'll always be happy and proud of the fact that I was continually more mature than the people surrounding me, even if they didn't think it. 

But, if I may lift a RvB line, my mind is just about more filled with memory than it is with hope. That may have something to do with my maturity. I've experienced enough heartbreak and bad happenings in my life that I had no choice but to mature to keep my sanity. 

Now don't get me wrong, I've in no way had a bad life. I've just had bad stretches. 

so for you young guys reading this your day will come, if it hasn't already. You will have your epiphany like I did and who you are will change for the better. 

I'm happy with who I am. I've had girlfriends try and change me from the day we started dating. I've had friends try and change me cause they thought they knew what was best for me. I've had people who don't even know me try and change me to what they perceive to be acceptable. 

But I'll never do that. 

Not out of some inflated sense of self-righteousness and stubbornness.

No. It's because I'm content with who I am. And that's the most important sign of maturity of them all.