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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Get Annoyed

When I see people around my age that, when you mention the news to them, reply in the following manner:

"Psh! I don't watch the news. It's all bullshit. Someone's got robbed, and someone's got killed, and there's war, and who cares? I don't feel like being depressed every night. Everyone on the news and shit like that are all bullshit. And every politician ever is a corrupt dickhole."

That annoys me. I can understand not watching the local news. I live outside Memphis. Our local news is some random crime and the fact that the school system sucks. But at least watch the national news. People need to know what's going on in the world. Pick up a paper. It won't kill you. When I mention Libya to someone and they just stare at me with their mouth hanging open I want to punch them. 

This may go back to the whole "maturity" thing. Cause once you hit a certain point of maturity you realize that there's a whole other world outside of yours and and there's shit going on elsewhere that's a WHOLE lot more important. 

It seems to be an anomaly of my generation. Cause years ago people our age cared. Look at the hippie and counter-culture movement. They were against "mainstream" culture but they still gave a shit about what was going on in the world around them. 

So watch the news. Or go on CNN.com. Or pick up a paper. Don't shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Cause you're doing nothing but making yourself dumber if you don't. 

Hell, watch the Daily Show. That's a news show. One of the best that comes on. 

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