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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aahhh Rebecca Black

As all of us I'm sure have seen, Rebecca Black is the new web sensation. Her video for Friday has exploded across our internet and now everyone is either playing along and enjoying the fun or losing their ever loving minds. 

I've seen people who have called Rebecca Black the end of music. That she's going to join up with Justin Beiber and just completely ruin all music forever and ever. 

Let's all calm down a minute and take a step back. You see, I've actually done some research on Rebecca Black and this video and it's information I believe most everyone who's going crazy needs to hear. 

The song and video are the products of Ark Music Factory. There's several other god awful songs and videos that have come out of Ark that people have discovered since Ms. Black hit it big. 

Ark Music Factory isn't a record company. You go there with your kid, you pay $2,000 and they get to professionally record one of the pre-written songs and make a professional music video. 

What 13 year old girl wouldn't wanna do that? Think back to when you were her age. Doesn't that seem really cool? 

Back in the 80s you could go to the mall, record a song, and make a video of it in front of a green screen. People weren't calling that the end of music then. You know why? Because the videos weren't widely seen. The tapes would end up collecting dust. 

Now, we have YouTube. Now they can take those videos and put them up and show them to all their friends and family. 

I mean, the girl's parents probably did it for her birthday or something like that. Cause that's a pretty freakin cool present. 

Try and imagine how happy she was after she got done with the song and video. When she saw the finished product. She probably thought it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. Her friends and family were probably extremely happy for her. And now look at what's happening.

She's the butt of almost every joke on the internet. Do I think the song is terrible? Yes. But you're not gonna find me insulting the poor girl. 

It's not like she's gonna release an album. She's not a real singer. She's just a 13 year old girl. 

What, exactly, is so wrong with what she did to make people lose their mind and act like she is the harbinger of destruction to our world? 


  1. Haha, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she is releasing an album soon.

  2. Have you seen her in interviews? She's actually pretty chill. Like, she's not full of herself just because she's become an internet sensation. It'll probably get to her soon, but she's no Beiber.

    Also, the reason why her song is so retarded? They gave her two songs to choose from, and the other one was, in her opinion, inappropriate for her age, whereas "Friday" was just about hanging out with friends. She decided to do a song she connected with instead of a bumpin and grindin typical hip-hop infused pop song. Like half of the other crap by ARK.

    She just got way too much attention that she didn't deserve. Would have been a lot better off if she just got a few thousand views and got to feel "famous" for a while.

  3. Eh, I think it's all just based on the usual power of the internet. Just at hyperspeed these days because of twitter/tumblr/etc where people just repost and promote anything they find around.

  4. She is terrible. End of story.

  5. I agree, I don't see anything that terrible about some 13 year old kid's parents paying to let her do something that would make her happy.

  6. I hate how popular it got, but can't be mad at her herself. She's just a novelty and will go away soon. Unlike Bieber, whom I legitimately dislike for many reasons related to working at a radio station :(

  7. People are certainly over reacting, but there is no denying her song is awful.

  8. i hate Friday now becuase of that song

  9. I hate rebecca black... she ruined weekends for me

  10. oh god, what a waste of fame!