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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's astounding the effect people can have on you over the course of your life. (I'm assuming i'm using the right effect/affect here. If not, oh well.)

I have people who I can't help but grin when i think about them. My best friends. People who are so undeniably awesome that every single memory I have of them is overwhelmingly positive. 

But no matter how happy I get thinking about them, if I think about the wrong person it all gets shot to hell. 

That's amazing, isn't it? How just thinking about someone can completely ruin your day. I've had to hide people's status updates and stuff like that from my news feed on Facebook because seeing those people reminded me of the person that I don't wanna think about. 

I say again, I'm not gonna go into any personal detail here because I try and keep this stuff accessible for everyone, but just trust me when I say there's people who I never ever wanna think about. 

It's enough to make you wish that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was real. That I could go in and just erase some memories. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look on Facebook and I see that that person has commented on something and all of a sudden I get that terrible feeling in my stomach and for the rest of the day all I can think about are the terrible memories that I have. 

We have those friends we can turn to when that happens. The people who will tell you all the things that you need and want to hear. And words cannot describe how much I appreciate those people. Because without them I dunno where I'd be. 

So I implore you guys who have yet to have an experience like the one that I'm talking about, don't let a person ruin your life. Don't let a person effect you like I have. No one is worth that. 

This has been a bit rambling, I know. My mind's been all over the place writing this. But you get the gist of what I'm saying. 

One day I won't get stressed and sad when I see that person. One day we'll all have the happiness that we all deserve. But until then we have to rely on each other to keep ourselves going. 

I used to be called Dr. Phil because a lot of my friends would come to me for advice and I would give it to them as impartially and honestly as I could. And when it all looked at its worst I could make sure to tell them that one day, all will work out and all will be well. 

And that's something none of us can afford to forget. 

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