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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How small is the freakin world?!

I'm gonna break rank a bit here and actually talk about something going on in my pseudo-personal life. 

I attempted friendship again last August with my cuntbag of an ex Destiny. Needless to say it didn't work out, but the details of that don't matter. 

At Ole Miss Destiny was randomly roomed with a girl name Moira. I hung out with Moira several times. I thought she was really cool. 

Unfortunately Destiny was one of those girls who says all other girls are bitches and only hangs out with guys. Yeah, because every girl you know hates you, THEY'RE all bitches. It seems there's a common denominator there. But I digress.

Moira ended up moving to another room in like October or November. Something like that. 

So it's been like six months since I've seen or talked to her. 

Fast forward to yesterday.

Talking to my friend Andy. Andy lives in Charleston, about 45 minutes away from Oxford, where Ole Miss is located. He very rarely visits campus. He's telling me he's talking to this awesome girl. She's like a female version of him. She's awesome. 

They start dating today. 

I go to Andy's Facebook to see who this person is. 

You can probably guess who it was. 

Yep. Moira. 

Folks, I shit so many bricks I could build a schoolhouse for African orphans. 

I mean, here's this person that I knew months ago. And it's 100% random that I knew her. Because she could've just as easily been assigned to another roommate. 

So yeah. I seriously cannot believe this. I mean, what are the fucking odds?


  1. Maybe you're a nice guy ? Don't be

  2. 99 problems, don't make a bitch one. You're a smart guy, don't get hung up on the innerworkings (innermystery) of womens.

  3. We are all related to everyone in the world somehow, but i agree with post above, just watch from a safe place!

  4. its cool to find people you know. praise networking.

  5. this happens more than you think in a small town like mine

  6. This shit has happend to me when I've moved countries. No joke

  7. everyone is related to adam and eve!

  8. Sometimes I feel that.

  9. Well if there's any good to come out of this, at least African orphans have a new schoolhouse.

  10. too bad your friend got with her and not you though. she seems cool.

  11. Man random happenstances are the crazy! I love making random connections with people who I thought couldn't have possibly known each other.

  12. amazing how often that kinda weirdness happens

  13. This planet is huge, half the population of 7 billion people are made up of women.
    Ill let you go from there

  14. sorry that happened. well, at least hes not dating Destiny, now that'd be a pickle.